AS350B3 Helicopter

Seats: Pilot +5
Fuel capacity: 540 liter
Endurance: 3 HRS
Internal usefull load: Cabin 460 kg Luggage bays : 300 kg
Max external load: 1400 KG
Cruise speed: 238 km/hrs
Engine power: 632 kW

Passenger Transportation

Configuration Pilot Passenger
High density version 1 6
Standard version 1 5
Comfort version 1 4/5

Air Medical Transportation

Configuration Pilot Doctor Stretcher
Casualty evacuation 1 2 1

Load Transportation

Configuration Pilot Load in cabin
Cargo carrying 1 105.9 ft3 (3m3)


Maximum takeoff weight 4,960 lb / 2,250 kg
With the optional “ kit to increase Internal Gross Weight” 5,225 lb / 2,370 kg
Maximum takeoff weight with external load 6,172 lb / 2,800 kg
Maximum cargo-swing load 3,086 lb / 1,400 kg


TURBOMECA ARRIEL 2D turbine engine 847 shp / 632 kW

Performance at Max. GROSS WEIGHT, ISA, SL

Maximum speed (VNE) 155 kts / 287 km per hr
Fast cruise speed 140 kts / 345 nm
Range with standard tank 127 kts / 638 km
Max Endurance 4 hrs 23 min
Rate of climb 1,959 ft per min / 10 m per sec
Service ceiling 23,000 ft / 7,010 m
Hover ceiling IGE 14,000 ft / 4,260 m
Hover ceiling OGE 12,000 ft / 3,630 m

Operation Limitations

Maximum altitude (PA) 23,000 ft / 7,010 m
Minimum temperature – 40°C / -40°F
Maximum temperature ISA + 35°C / 95°F, limited to + 50°C / 122°F

Main dimensions

Dimensions of compartments and accesses

MI-8MTV Helicopter

The Mi-8MTV helicopter is an improved modification of the Mi-8T helicopter by installing more powerful engines on it. Has retained all the best qualities of the Mi-8T helicopter and is able to carry a greater weight of the cargo (up to 4000 kg). To increase the flight distance, the helicopter can be equipped with additional fuel tanks both inside the helicopter and outside. The design and equipment of the helicopter makes it possible to operate it in an autonomous basing on unequipped platform. By improving the flight performance on the Mi-8MTV it is possible to perform specific types of work (such as laying the lines of high-voltage gears, conducting gravimetric survey of the terrain). Mi-8MTV helicopters can be used for construction and installation works, cargo transportation, both inside and outside(cargo hook), transportation of people (up to 22 people), patrolling and monitoring of pipelines and power lines, search and rescue, forest fire fighting, also for performing flights from floating platforms and marine drilling installation.

Main characteristics

Company-manufacturer Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant
Manufacturer country Russia
Appointment Basic
Crew 3
Passenger 22

Flight data

V max, km / h 210
Distances of flight km 570


Number of engines 2
Engine model Klimov TV3 117VM
Type of engine Aeroturbine
Supply system distributed injection into the chamber
Fuel Aviation fuel
Takeoff power, hp 2070


Number of doors 4


Navigation equipment. for daytime piloting

Weight, Mass

Full take-off weight, kg 13000
Payload, kg 5900


Length of fuselage, m 18,42
Fuselage width, m 2,5
Height, m 4,86
Chassis track, m 2,56
Diameter of the main rotor, m 21,3
Cabin size (Length x Height x Width), m 5,34 x 2,25 x 1,80


Maximum take-off weight, kg 13 000
Empty helicopter weight, kg 7 200
Max weight of cargo, kg in the cabin,
kg on external suspension, kg
4 000
4 000

Flight data

Maximum permissible speed, km / h 250
Cruising speed, km / h 230
Maximum climb rate, m / s 9
Maximum height, m 5000
Practical height, m 3980
Flights distance, km 500
Flight duration, h 4